The Randomizer script is really the easiest and profitable business around.  You don't have to pay your members - as part of the registration process the members will pay each sponsor directly so all you have to do is to promote your site. The script is fully automated.


 Very easy to install;
Accepts PayPal, E-gold, IntGold and/or StormPay;
  Built-in Add to Favorites and Tell A Friend;
Members get detailed stats about their referrals and random referrals;
 Easy to use administration area;
 Easy to configure;
 You choose the price for membership;
 You can customize all pages.


Super Directory requires PHP 4.3.x and MySQL! That's all!


If you want to see a demo of the script you need to request one. Send an e-mail to


Randomizer's price is $50 . Installation is FREE!
Payment can be made through epassporte.